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ILEAS Communications Resources and Updates: Bill Springer and John Nebl

What happens when your agency has a really bad day, and you need to talk to everyone coming in to help?

In almost every incident, in almost every After Action Report, the most common problem is usually Communications. Today we all need to work on improving radio interoperability so you can communicate with everybody that will be there to help – on what could be your agency’s worst day. This seminar will cover tips and best practices to improve your agency’s Communications performance in most situations from day-to-day use to disasters.

Topics include interoperability channels, FCC considerations, backup plans, training, the new “Statewide Interoperability Template” (SWIT) and Communications resources available to any agency in Illinois.

This will all be presented in an easily understandable, non -technical manner to help you begin planning how to improve your communications capabilities.

Presenter Bio:
Bill Springer is an ILEAS Interoperable Communications Liaison. His role focuses primarily on planning efforts in technology for all types of interoperable communications in Illinois. Bill has 40 years of experience in Public Safety communications systems including Starcom21 trunked radio and IT Networks. Bill is a FEMA recognized Communications Unit Leader (COML), and Communications Technician (COMT) Instructor, and has taught Communications classes across the US.

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